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Michael Winston

Position: Musician
Age: 19, DOB: October 31,
Height: 5’8 Weight: 162

Family: Father Desmond. Mother Vivian
Fighting Style: heavy metal wire style Weapon: steel wires, a special glove and a guitar Devil fruit: none

Likes: booze, partying, playing and listening to music and messing with people
Dislikes: being ignored and having his music insulted

Nickname: Brutal Shredder Bounties: 86,000,000

Personality: Loud and rude Michael loves to be the center of attention. He loves music and if he isn’t playing or writing it he is either drunk or asleep. He is also kind of an entertainer and loves to put on a good show. He will only go all out if there is an audience to watch him demonstrate his skills and play his music. He loves a good party always has a habit of inviting himself for the booze; somehow he never gets a hangover.  He also takes great pride in his music and anyone who insults it usually eats fist.

Appearance: Caucasian with brown hair styled as a Mohawk, wears a red sleeveless t-shirt with a black leather jacket with metal spike shoulders, dark blue jeans with a silver chain belt and brown boots and a silver skull earring on his left ear.

History: His parents were part of a travelling band called Crimson Cross. His mother was the lead singer while his father was the guitarist. Raised by musicians he learned to sing and play guitar at a young age. As he travelled with the band that was his family he grew to love playing and listening to music, he even wrote some of his own songs. Throughout their travels Michael spent years practicing with the band in not only rock guitar but learning various other types of guitar playing for numerous types of music.

After his family retired he was ready to start his own career. He spent months looking for talented musicians to be his band mates.  After spending more than half a year getting a band and landing a gig he was ready for his first concert performance. Unfortunately it was his first and last show. After his band played a group of drunken pirates called the Spiral pirates crashed the party and raided the place. Marines came to stop them but this just lead to a battle. Many civilians died including Michaels band mates. Michael survived only by dumb luck but the damage was done and the young rockers dreams were crushed.  

Michael spent the next two months drinking away his sorrows. After getting kicked out of a bar by chance he met another man who was wasted in the alley way. As they chatted Michael felt he found a kindred spirit in the stranger, until he tried to rob him. He found out that the man was part of the Spiral pirates that ruined his show and killed his band mates. He gave him his money but the second the bastard’s back was turned Michael slammed his guitar on his back. The thug was hit hard but the guitar was broken. Acting on sheer rage and adrenaline Michael grabbed the strings from his guitar and strangled the pirate. It took a minute for Michael to realize what he just did; he had decided that might have been a sign. He was going to take revenge on the bastards and he knew just how to do it.

Michael spent the next year training, developing techniques and putting his tool of the trade to his test. He mostly practiced it on small time pirates but once he got the hang of it he was ready to make a comeback. Using money he saved up from bounties he got himself a very special custom guitar, it was created from Adam wood with numerous special mechanisms. The first is that is tunable so that it could play any kind of music depending on his mood, and second that it could store a large amount of steel wire that is detachable when grasped with a special magnetic glove he wears on his left hand.

Michael earned a bit of a name for himself but his primary targets were the Spiral pirates. He boarded their ship and set up his stage. He set the whole area with his wires. As the Spiral pirates arrived back at their ship Michael started his vengeful performance. To the untrained eye it looked as if his music was cutting and shredding the pirates but it was the combination of wires on the ship and him vibrating and rearranging them with his guitar and glove. After about six minutes of carnage Michael had gotten his revenge and made a bit cash to boot. His revenge complete he was finally able to move on with his life, deciding he became quite the fighter with his wires he became a mercenary, working for anyone who paid well enough.
Seven down one to go. Here is the musician for my crew. I got the idea for his design from a basic British punk rocker so it's easiest to imagine him with a British accent. He is the wild card of the crew and he loves to get on every bodies nerves, like playing loud rock at the crack of dawn after a big drinking party.

On another note, I mentioned earlier that i wouldn't have much romance in the series but i did have ideas for a couple of couples. The second one would be Michael and Nicolette. I think of this not only because of their clash in personalities (opposites attract) but also because he is a musician and she is a dancer, nuff said.

I should have the last one up sometime on Sunday.
ChronoWeapon Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
A mercenary musician, not bad, not bad at all^^
AfroJedi1 Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2009
Thanks, I was hoping do something with a wire user and i figure a guitarist already has the fingers for it. I guess in terms of overall ability he could be considered the weakest of the crew but his strength could match that of Brook.
ChronoWeapon Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice, it fits him well^^
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